7 Ways To Deal With Exam Stress

Article by @PassMatricSA (www.howtopassmatric.co.za)

1. What stresses you..?
We never stress about life in general, there is always something that triggers it.

For you it may be…

An overdue assignment or project
Worrying about your Tertiary finance, bursary or application
Finding the right matric dance partner….
Taking ten minutes to identify your stressors can greatly reduce the stress itself. Once revealed it’s then simple to eliminate each one by addressing the problem directly.

2. Always on time
I personally hate being late.

It has an annoying ability to ruin your entire day by making you feel one step behind the rest of the world.

So be on time for school and more importantly your exams. This creates a calmer environment and allows you to prepare for the day or exam better.

This also holds true for tertiary students and workers, so get into the habit early.

3. Biting off too much
Minimalism is the new black.

Unnecessary commitments in your matric year can hinder state of mind and ultimately lead you to failure.

Common Commitments that are really not required.
Romeo & Juliet…..We all want to find that special one but chances are he or she is not in matric. Being young and in love is romantic, thrilling but also filled with lots of unneeded drama.
Social Butterfly….If you known for your social status and not your matric marks then you may have a problem.
Your schedule should be extremely simple and focused, the more you try to do the more stress you create by not achieving everything.

Your studies come first and foremost this year.

4. Avoid Drama
Boyfriends or Girlfriends
Difficult People
Haters ………cause haters gonna hate 😉

5. Clear up
If your study area looks like a war zone, downtown Joburg or a rubbish dump then you have work to do.

Your brain just works better when there is order.

Another area that students typically ignore is organizing their study material. Get everything together and get it organized, doing this alone creates an inner confidence that can only help.

6. Detox

This unfortunately does not mean going for a spa treatment 🙂

It’s setting aside time for You. To do absolutely nothing……and not feel guilty about it.

7. Graze
Eating healthily is extremely overstated these days but its stress reducing powers cannot be underestimated.

Good Eating Tips
Limit Coffee, Red Bull, Play Energy Drink, Monster Energy and Steri Stumpy Intake 🙂
Eat something neutral for breakfast, such as porridge, weetbix or muesli.
Remember Fruit? Try some….
Most people hate drinking water but failure to consume a reasonable amount causes our bodies to be continually dehydrated. The negative effects of this dehydrated state do not help when trying to concentrate.


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