How I lost 51lbs and gained 12lbs of Muscle. What are you doing wrong?

In my opinion it is easier to make your first million, than what it is to shed enough fat to get to 7% bodyfat and that illusive six-pack… I have lost 51 lbs of fat, gained about 12 lbs of muscle and lost a further 14% bodyfat…. and I’m halfway to my goal. Was it tough? Sure was, and still is

So what did I do? Here is my 3-way plan to loosing all that weight, and gaining all that muscle.

1. Eating according to my Blood Type:


DIET! DIET! DIET! now that you heard it, forget it. The moment you are going to try and stick to a diet, you have already lost the race. If diets realy worked, you would have done it once in your life, and never needed to again. And please, its an Eating plan or a Lifestyle change, but not a diet.

What Did I do? I started to eat according to my Blood Type. Being a Blood Type A+ meant that I was born to be a Vegetarian. Did I become one, HELL NO! But what I did do was to cut out 95% of all Red Meats, including Lamb and Pork, out of my eating plan. For a Blood Type A, most meats are Poison to your Body. Instead, I supplemented it with moderate portions of Chicken, Tuna and Salmon. But again, these should only be eaten 2-3 times per week… Remember, you are supposed to be a vegetarian after all.

Other tough choices I had to make, was to cut out ALL dairy products, Eggs, and ALL BAD CARBS like pastas, bread, rice and potatoes. According to Prof. Tim Noakes in S.A., bad Carbs are THE biggest reason for us being overweight. Instead, we should focus on getting fat into our body. GOOD fats that is, like Avo’s, Virgin Olive Oil, Nuts, etc… Also, Carbs should come from your Green veggies.

For more info on “Eating for your Blood Type” meal plan, go to:

2. Start to get Active


This to me was the fun part… Hitting the gym. Never in my Gym history have I managed to successfully go to the gym for longer than two months, before realising it is much easier to sit at home and watch TV. But when I decided last year (15 Jan) that I’m going to try this for once and dedicate everything I have to it, I never looked back since. On average currently, we go to the gym between 5-6 days per week.

But here are some interesting tips:

* Focus the majority of your time on doing weights. It is a fact that you burn more calories doing weights, than slow forms of Cardio. And the Afterburn effect when doing weights, last for up to 48 hours
* Constantly vary your weights program every 4/5 weeks
* STOP DOING SLOW CARDIO exercises. This burn minimum calories, and while you think you loose calories and inches, all you are actually are loosing, are water and muscle. So this is a No-No
* Focus on HIC sessions…. More on this in the next point
* If you are unsure what type of exercises to do, find a Role model and copy his/her program. I am currently following the ‘Wolverine Workout’ which is the 4-week program that Hugh Jackman followed in preparation for his role in the movie “The Wolverine”

3. HIC- High Intensity Workouts


You will hear words such as “Mountain Climbs”, “Planking” & “Burpees”. Don’t panic, these are actually 30-second High Intensity Exercises. But don’t be fooled. These 30-second interval exercises will have you crying in no time.

Interested? Log onto Youtube, type “SixpackShortcuts” or “SixpackAbs”, sit back and be dazzled

Hope you are on your way shortly to a better you!


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