15 Things NOT to leave till the 11th hour

We are only human… so we are designed to leave things until the last minute

1. Buying a birthday gift for your wife…. On the day of her birthday
2. Doing Xmas shopping on Xmas Eve
3. Submitting your Taxes online… while loadshedding is in progress
4. Studying for your Finals, only to realise the volume of work
5. On your way to get the Morning-after pill
6. Realising you have run out of Toilet paper… while on the toilet
7. Informing your wife of the Dinner party at your house tonight
8. The party is in full swing… and you run out of Ice
9. Things heat up, and you realise you have run out of condoms
10. Realising you booked a double date
11. Forgetting to phone your mother on her birthday
12. Telling your wife, your mother is on her way over, for a couple of days
13. Realising you ran out of Tampons
14. Stuck in traffic, and you need a bathroom NOW
15. 1Km into a Marathon and you realise you never went to the toilet.


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